#1 – Cave-Dwelling Cuddlebeast

| November 2, 2011 | 11 Comments

Only two days in and I’m already behind! Geeze. I am so good at this.


Here is the Cave-Dwelling Cuddlebeast. He just wants to love you*.


*loving the Cave-Dwelling Cuddlebeast may result in death

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Hello! Currently I am a senior Illustration major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, with the intention of doing children's book illustration. I love drawing monsters and ridiculous creatures, but I also love doing stupidly over-detailed fantasyish characters as well! (though that's more of a personal hobby at this point). It will be interesting to see how this goes with the end of the quarter and finals coming up, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up!

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  1. ToothlessEgo says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  2. ElZee3 says:

    Love the colors and the little hand antennas! It’s so cute, it wants to eat my soul!

  3. Zenophrenic says:

    The shading is fantastic! What a cutie.

  4. Eadge says:

    And…I won’t be sleeping tonight. Don’t know how you did it but you made a character that is both creepy and cute. Great job.

  5. I bet he feels cuddlier than he looks.

  6. frodog28 says:

    Looks like good miyazaki. And I love the bio.

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