#1 Ikaro Xegara

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#1 Icaro Xegara

Ikaro Xegara:

Son of Legendary MetaSoccer Player Ronan Xegara, Ikaro, since he was a little, had aspirations to follow his father’s steps and follow the Clan Xegara motto: “Never equal, always surpass!” and play in the Vulparian MetaSoccer team in order to participate in the fabled Galaxy Cup tournament.

However, due to a twist in fate, he not only loses his father, but also his home world. Having no other relatives, he was sent from foster home to another; over the years he has grown bitter and sardonic and eventually runs away, simply wanting to forget about his previous life.

Years later, after wandering the galaxy, he ended up in one of planet Drakken’s mining moons, taking a job as a miner. It is here however where he meets a particular fellow that will help him rekindle the flame and reawaken his dreams.

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  1. Oh man, this guy looks like he could be fun once he picked himself up.

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