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RESET: Connor Kagiyama; Superhuman regenerative ability; Degrees in criminology, forensic science, and criminal psychology; Trained in various marital arts, including Jeet Kun Do, Kendo, and Brazilian kickboxing; Known by 16 different aliases; Recently returned to hometown of Portland, OR, at the behest of Marlon Crandall, COO of NEOGene’s local research facility; Proponent of meta saipen (i.e. superhuman) rights, and of superhuman vigilantism.

Media: watercolor pencils, India ink & brush

Category: 2011, Superhero

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  1. J. James says:

    Are you Reboot?

    I’m Emo-lad and also the Ego-maniac. If you’re Reboot I have to congratulate you for being the only person who figured out the plot I laid down for the second Alter Egos event I went to, I had two other people there in the crowd who were “in on it” and were laying down clues.

    Oddly, it was last night I remembered how angry I was when I realized that I had missed the actual opportunity to follow through on that scripted event I had planned when a small group of people (fairly early on in the evening) had put two and two together between my “missing memories” and the “Mystery Member/Mr. Remember” character who was also bandaged and could make people remember their former lives, and the girl who had “killed” Emo-lad and who was carrying his hairpiece, mask, and torn shirt attached to her belt.

    I put off the reveal because I wanted to build suspense, but it was the only opportunity I had and I was an idiot not to take it when it occurred! How weird. Damn, I drove four hours there for that event that night, too!

    I brought back the concept for the Mayor-Man contest this year as “Emeritus” the Mayor of Portland and third iteration of Emo-Lad…

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