#1 Zoe Hudson

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Zoe is 5’4″ and in her late teens. She generally wears her long hair down and it falls past her shoulders in big curls. She has very pale skin though her black hair probably makes her look more pale than it is. Her natural eyes are a deep blue-violet. She has an skinny waist, and adequately endowed but not overly.


Zoe had thought living on the streets was going to be hard. Scrounging for food and sleeping on park benches like common street trash. While the idea her stooping to those types of acts had been more than a little foul, it was far better than sticking around her home where no one seemed to pay her the slightest bit of attention or wasting any more of her time in that house of boring known to the masses as high school. Being held back one year was enough for her to realize that she didn’t belong there.

Fortunately for her, living on the street hadn’t been quite so bad. Mostly because…she hadn’t had to live on the street at all. A nice older gentlemen by the name of Franco, had discovered her loitering outside of one of the nicer bars hoping someone would take pity on her and bring her a drink. Or at least a cigarette.

He’d taken her under his wing and put her up in her own apartment with the only condition being that she had to wear the nice things he bought for her and on occasion appear on his arm and various functions. Or in this case, be his good luck charm at the casinos.

Normally she wouldn’t even have been allowed off that fancy little carpet that formed the aisles but the man was so rich that as long as she promised not to actually touch the dice at the craps game or the chips at the roulette table which she obliged, simply excited to be in the building.

Franco held the dice up for her to blow on again and rolled. “You’re my lucky charm,” He looked up at her with a smirk.

Zoe smiled back at him. ‘And you’re my guardian angel,’ She thought to herself. He had given her the attention that she had so very much longed for from her family and more. If blowing on the dice brought him a little happiness in return, she was happy to do it. Of course she was more happy to just take his money.

She was slightly worried that this free ride might not last much longer without some sort of expected restitution for his kindness and she wasn’t about to stick around at that point. She needed to figure out a way to get some money and hit the road again. And soon.

Her heart stopped suddenly. She’d been lost in her thoughts when things began to happen at an alarming rate. One of the other men at the craps game started to raise his voice, calling Franco a cheater an accusation which of course her adamantly denied. Zoe felt as though she blinked and missed a whole block of time because next thing she heard was the sound of a gunshot.

Franco was on the ground clutching his side and looking as though he were in a lot of pain. Zoe was at his side, watching the life drain out of his eyes. She was quickly at his side, her fancy dress making it difficult to kneel. For a brief moment, all thought of his money went out the window and she worried she might lose the only person that had ever given her the time of day. She reached out and took his hand.

He looked as though he might say something to her when a look of confusion crossed his face. She too must have had a strange look on her face. She had felt her hands begin to prickle as though they’d fallen asleep and then grow warm as soon as she touched him. Her whole body felt strange. Like a wave of tingling sensations washing over her.

Franco turned his uncertain expression away from her and towards his wound, pulling his coat back, and his shirt open.

There was nothing there. No gunshot wound. Not even a scratch.

She dropped his hand as though it were on fire, staring at her own hands in bewilderment, muttering to herself, “What the hell?”

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