#2 Ankour Stjarnason

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Day two ^^

I would like to introduce Ankour Stjarnason to you, a twentythree years old student of  forensic medicine who lives in Iceland with his two younger sisters since their parents have died. He cares a lot for his sisters Elska and Elin and tries  to confince  especially Elin to do something with her life. He himself prefers to stay away from people and enjoys quiet moments which became very rare  since his two sisters have joined his life.

Ankour is good at cooking and it is quite easy for him to calm people down. From time to time Ankour acts as stubborn as a little child and you wouldn’t be able to tell he is allready twentythree years old. Which is, in fact, the truth, because Ankour keeps a secret away from his sisters…

I dislike some things about the drawing, like the shading of Ankours hair. His hair is supposed to be white, I will have to experiment a bit with the shading. And, unfortunately, he somehow looks like a girl. Maybe I will redo the colouring of his pants and I will use blue instead of red for his top.

That’s all for now, see you tomorrow


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