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Here is another character from a tongue-in-cheek super hero story I am working on. This is Aqua Mandy:

Seagull specialist and surfer enthusiast Mandy Huntington was rarely seen away from the beach. Determined to re-write everything we know about these beautiful birds, Mandy loved to spend her time among the gulls and to surf with them as they swooped above the water’s crest.

When an oil tanker floated in way too close to shore, she should have waited it out, but she couldn’t help herself. The tanker’s strange maneuvering was revealed to be the cause of an eco-terrorist attack, and as sailors and sea-saints fought for control of the ship, the tanker slammed into large rocks. Oil spilled out into the sea. Jumping on her board, Mandy went right to work saving swimming sea gulls from a fate worth than death. Struggling to bring them all to shore, she sacrificed her own health and her delicious picnic basket of lunch, which the gulls devoured upon reaching.

By the time the law enforcement was able to stabilize the crises, Mandy was covered in chemically enhanced oil and in critical condition. Her story of sea gull saving bravery broke the hearts of millions and contributions poured in to help her afford a medical procedure that would save her life. Her skin had to be cleansed from the deadly oils. Thus, she was exposed to a medical development that gave her pores the extra help they needed to expunge the oils. This was accomplished by giving her skin the ability to filter water through her skin from the inside out at an incredible rate of speed. The procedure saved her life, but could not be reversed. Now, on a whim, Mandy can filter H2O from the atmosphere into her skin and out through her pores as a powerful force of water. Taking on the moniker of Aqua Mandy, this heroine saves the day while surfing  on her own water and drowning evil with her wonderfully washing waves. When she isn’t fighting crime, she is usually found surrounded by sea gulls and sunbathing to the tune of their lovely song.


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