#2 Batachikhan

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Character number two! Here we have Batachikhan. Let’s continue where the yesterday’s story ended. Batachikhan is the influential, charismatic young water mage who heard about the weird “daughter of the goddess” and her visions. She didn’t actually believe a word of the Tegus Erdene’s story, but being an extremely clever, cunning woman, she realized that this situation could be used to her advantage. She had been one of the Water Queen’s advisers for years, but was displeased with her position. She was ambitious and wanted more than just advising a queen who almost never took anyone’s advice anyway. She realized that if the Tegus Erdene managed to gather a bunch of people and lead them to a new country, they would need a proper leader. The Tegus Erdene was a weak, sickly and easily influenceable. Batachikhan knew that this was the chance to become the puppet-master of the leader of a whole new nation.

She won the Tegus Erdene’s trust, sold all her belongings and started travelling with her to spread her message. Batachikhan knew that they’d need other tactics than just talking if they wanted to convince people. She staged “miracles” (aka paying someone a big sum of money to have them pretend that they’re dying, then miraculously get better when the Tegus Erdene touched them). She called herself the Tegus Erdene’s High Priestess and used her persuasive power to convince people that the Tegus Erdene was the real deal. News about the Tegus Erdene started spreading faster than before, and the news was actually positive. From both the water and the air tribes people gathered to listen to Batachikhan and the Tegus Erdene. They were a very good team. Batachikhan had what the Tegus Erdene lacked in social skill and intelligence, while the Tegus Erdene had what Batachikhan lacked in kind-heartedness and compassion.

Eventually, the queens from both the air and water tribe noticed how more and more of their people were leaving the tribe to join some nutcase and a run-away water mage noble, and both queens were not too pleased with this situation.  Both started prosecuting followers of the Tegus Erdene for heresy. The Tegus Erdene, Batachikhan and their followers realized that this was probably the best time to pack their stuff and leave for the promised land…wherever that was. Batachikhan wanted to just travel over land until they found some uninhabited place to settle down. The Tegus Erdene however had another vision and insisted on taking boats and going south. No air or water mage had ever gone south very far and no one knew if there even was more land southwards. Needless to say, this lead to a conflict. Eventually, Batachikhan decided to just agree, having a plan in mind to murder the Tegus Erdene, take the ships and go back to land as soon as possible (did I mention she was kind of a bitch?). Cue to a very tense boat-trip during which Batachikhan constantly tried and failed to get rid of the Tegus Erdene (the difficulty was that it had to look like an accident, because many of their followers really believed that the Tegus Erdene was the daughter of the Goddess and probably wouldn’t be too happy with someone murdering their holy leader).

Just when they ran out of food and people started dying of hunger, thirst and diseases and everyone started to wonder when this promised land was going to show itself, mountain ranges appeared on the horizon. They found a continent no water or air mage had ever seen before. Batachikhan immediately decided to be the Tegus Erdene’s best friend again and looked forward to being the ruler of a new world. The water and air mages believed that they had truly found a land that the Goddess had created just for them. Little did they know that the continent already had inhabitants, and even less did they know how much trouble that would cause in the future…more about that tomorrow with the next character, haha!

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