#2 – Bulgada

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In the Doodze‘s society, Waizers are the equivalent of wizards — wise, magical gurus.  Bulgada the Waizer was not so wise one day, and while trying to invent a spell that would allow her to control an army of bugs accidentally turned herself into a bug/Doodze hybrid… an accident that, even after several years, she has not yet been able to undo. Obsessed with finding a way to heal herself, she has allied herself with the enemy, having been promised the help she needs.  But, despite her calm demeanor, her patience is growing thin…

Note: Yesterday’s character, Rando, and his two brothers I have in mind, are fairly average Doodzes, besides the fact that they’re bad guys. As I’ve been thinking about what kind of characters to come up with for Doodze, I’ve found myself wanting to push the limits. Doodze is funny and quirky, but I really want to come up with some stuff that’s really odd.  This is a step in that direction, but I still want to push it more.


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