#2 – Crimson Valentine, The King in Red

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The King in Red

Digitally manipulated photos were used for this sketch. All original photos are © their original owners and are used without permission.


Crimson Valentine, The King in Red

It ain’t easy being the new kid in town. But it’s all good… life’s never been easy on Crim. Clawed his way to the top of the Erebus Krewe only to be run out of the city by the woman he loved the most. He took a shot in the gut, twelve pins  in a voodoo doll, and a swim in the river, but he made it out. Spent the next three months piloting a riverboat up through waters no boat has business going. Found a new city. New krewe. He spent his last dimes turning the boat into an offshore casino – something both the cops and the local mobs aren’t thrilled about. But he ain’t worried. Nobody keeps the King in Red down. Not for long.

He’s biding his time, building his power base. Gonna head back down south one day, and have a word with his wayward lady. Till then, I suggest you stay out of his way, unless of course you’re the gambling type. Betcha five dollars he’ll shoot you dead.


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  1. Loooooooooooove the bright red suit.

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