#2 Daniel Sparrow aka The Amazing Dinosword

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Danny is pretty much like any other kid. He’s pretty well behaved, doesn’t cause to much trouble for his mum, dislikes her new boyfriend now that dads not around but every second Sunday when he goes to nanna Drakes he becomes Dinosword.

Dinosword is a half-man, half-dinosaur sword weilding hero that can also shoot lasers from his eyes and has ice breath.Also he can never die and always shot you first when you were playing soilders. His enemies include The Head-ache (based loosely on his headmaster) and The Unwelcome Meteor (based loosely on Steve, Danny’s mum’s new douche boy friend).

Dinosword came into being when Danny realised he could combine the two awesome worlds of dinosaurs and kung fu to battle evil and save people from Large Hadron Collider explosions like the one that sent his dad away. He crafted the magical helmet that transforms him into the prehistoric hero from an empty box of space invaders (nan helped him with this) and his sword is craft from the finest pine from the mystical troll’s cave of wonders or as nanny called it, “that cramp in the garage tha’ used to be your granddads”.

Later Mum, under Steves guidance no doubt has tried to stop the adventures of Dinosword which is a shame because Danny has become adamant there are more out there like him, more Animal/Human hybrids. He’s pretty sure he saw a Duckman on his way to school the other day. Dad wouldn’t stop Dinosword.

Danny misses dad.

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