#2 Grief

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This is Grief.

Her power is to summon fear imps from the nightmare realm.  As her opponents fear level rises (or most any other strong emotion she is able to summon more powerful creatures.


Her powers emerged as she hid in a closet as a little girl and watch her parents get brutalized then tortured to death.  Her fear, anger and sorrow were so deep, she became a “beacon” for creatures of the nightmare realm.  Now she welcomes them to her as friends, allies and companions.








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I am ....hmmmm... married (13 years now), been an artist for, well, as long as i can remember. I published (self through Lulu.com) a graphic novel called Beautiful Tragedy last year/early this year, currently half way through volume 2. It's based on my life's experiences, and the types of things people like me go through every day.

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