#2 – Klaus

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Character #2

Character #2: Klaus!

Age: 25

I was going to give Klaus a cute short story like I did with Bell, but I have a ballsasslot (haha wut) of homework tonight, so just go introduce yourself to your snowboarder neighbor, chances are that they’re a lot alike. I gave him the black eye before I realized I wouldn’t have time to write him a story, I believe in your imagination though, I’m sure you can come up with something!

It’s been snowing  a lot lately here in Fort Collins. I love Foco, but It’s my dream to live in a small mountain town in Colorado, preferably Breckenridge. Snowstorms are a double edged sword for me this year; I absolutely love them, and they make me happier than any other kind of weather, but it reminds me that for the first time in years I’m not going to be snowboarding at all this winter, due to lack of funds, time, etc. *cue tiny violin* And so, with a heavy heart, she drew a beautiful snowboarder boy, based on her plethora of shredder friends that probably don’t realize his name is pronounced Kl-oww-s, not Clause.

(Oh yeah, I did this today during class and work, all in shitty pen <3 and without any references. Freehand, bitches. And then my scanner barfed all over the left side of it, thanks pall)

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I'm so bad at these things. I'm 19, I like snowboarding, drawrrring, hockey and playing music (poorly). I watch the Lion King a lot and I don't eat enough vegetables. I'm in art school aaaaaaand I've got a really cool ass dog. My name is Roxie. I'm an aspiring comic artist. Let's be palls.

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  1. jcwell01 says:

    Nice job. I especially love the way you did the fur.

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