#2: Kroge

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Real Name: Kristopher Oliver Gentry
Age: 45
Height: 5’11
Weight: 197 lbs
Location: Liberty City, USA
Hair: Grey-black
Eyes: Brown

Character info: Kroge was a character I created when I was a kid (probably around 9 years old). His look changed slightly from then until I was around 13. He’s always been one of my favorite villains. I decided to revamp him a little for the challenge and he no longer has a superhero type costume, instead wearing cargo pants, motorcycle boots, t-shirts, and a vest. But his origin remains the same as it was years ago…
Kroge has made it his personal mission to kill all superpowered individuals. His teenage son, Jeremy, was killed in destruction caused by a large battle between a group of heroes and villains. Kroge was adamant that action be taken against the surviving heroes involved, but the authorities didn’t listen. They were just glad that the villains were stopped, yet felt sorry for Kroge’s loss. That’s when he became a man with revenge as his only mission. He has no powers or abilities, but relies on anything he can find for a weapon to help his cause. Kroge is a character that may pop up in my comic, The Adventurers of Liberty City.

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Writer/artist for self-published comics under the 80 Pork Comics and T.A.K. Comics banners. Titles include "The Adventurers of Liberty City", "Simon Says", "Bee Sting", "The Curse of Stranglehold", "Tales From The Suggestion Box", "Confessions From The Suggestion Box", "Wichita Gravy", "FLiP On", and "T.A.K. Comics Presents". Also, I'm a husband, a father, and a music snob.

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