#2 Leni

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The twelve.

Leni was the second cursed child, being the first born child in February. Everyone were expecting a second bullhead, similiar to Kenneth, but instead a tiger headed girl was born. Leni’s parents were of course relieved that the ‘thing’ that came out was at least cute, but as much as they were relieved, they were in shock.

Leni is really social and an open person. She likes to move, doesn’t really matter how, she just enjoys walking, running, jumping, dancing, jogging – you name it. She is really girly and does have a bad temper. That’s why she often hears herself being called a princess because of her acting towards other people at times.
Leni does and enjoys some cat-like things, like cuddling. The worst habit she has is biting. She bites nearly anything – but not living things ofcourse…. not all the time at least.

Tomorrow – the kid of March!


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