#2 Matt Paul Vaillancourt

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Matt’s based off of my very first car, a powder blue Mazda MPV with busted shocks in the rear and a very responsive steering system.  It used to hold all of my portfolio work for school. I loved that van.

Matt was a very angry poltergeist that haunted Chevelle’s library that she called the two old hunters to take care of.  The library was just built over the bank Matt was burned alive in and the disturbance woke him up.  In his confusion he’d end up lighting things on fire trying to return his resting place to the way it was.

Chev was able to snap him out of it after finding his full name,  dousing him in fire extinguisher foam and chewing him out for nearly destroying the new library.

Matt now spends his unlife hanging around the library helping where he can and trying his best to keep his more destructive capabilities under control.  Chev always has a fire extinguisher handy just in case.

Some days the patrons swear they see a man in a baby blue vest dancing through the Non-Fiction section humming Petula Clark.

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  1. Your designs are fantastic as are your color palettes!

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