#2: Phil The Bird-Man

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He sometimes gets feathers up his butt. Eeeeew.Text reads:

“This is the birdman and his name is Phil.

He’ll fly in the rain and he’ll fly in the chill.

He’ll fly through the night to ensure his work’s done;

his job, after all, is a pertinent one.”

So, I wrote the poem and started drawing before I actually knew what Phil’s very important job would be. Then I think I started remembering the opening scene in Dumbo, where I think there’s a storm and a stork brings her her baby, so I thought “Okay, he’s a weird variation on the stork thing.” Then I started drawing the couple and they just came out as being a same-sex couple. Does he only bring babies to homosexual couples? Just lesbians? I don’t know, maybe. Maybe the stork just didn’t want to deal with bad weather after Dumbo’s deal, so Phil takes the storm deliveries now. Maybe he’s a kind of apprentice. Hands would be better equipped than a beak for hanging on to that very important bundle.

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