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He is physically unsettling. His skin is of a pale grey with a hint of blue and his hair is of the most pure white, and they call him Szarkai, an albino drow. His body is lean, thinner than most male drow because he lacks the muscular constitution so common to his peers. His eyes are so light they are pink instead of red. Phyxe is very well aware of how uncommon his appearance is, but curiously embraces this instead of hiding it- for what he can control about his appearance is rare too: his hair is cut short and stands up is a messy way, as if constantly plagued by static electricity; his clothes are rich and layered and many, hindering his movements as a subtle message of both his status and the fact he is no warrior; his personality flamboyant and sarcastic and affable in a society where laugh can get you killed.
His fingers are long and thin and not much more than just bones and he uses his hands constantly while talking, his speech as fluid as his hand gestures.
He is very quick to smile. Even quicker to smirk.

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  1. Batmankm says:

    Cool design on the costume. Love your style of rendering. Good stuff.

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