#2 Sasha and the Golem

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Sasha Eisner is sixteen years old, thinks she knows everything, and doesn’t have time for any crap from the boys at her high school, (well, except Peter Franciscus, but he’s a nice guy and has a good heart–plus he’s smart), and is mostly concerned about things a 21st century teen from New York City is concerned about.  When her beloved grandfather Joseph passes away, though, Sasha is caught off guard when she receives a pair of bracelets that left her (per instructions in his will).

Sasha’s not really concerned with the bracelets–sure, they look a bit weird, but heck, she’s going to wear them anyway.  But one night, when a gang of toughs attempt to attack her, Sasha brings the bracelets together…and is unprepared for what happens.  A nine-foot tall creature made of clay appears out of thin air and comes to her rescue, knocking back and chasing away the gang.  Stunned, Sasha notices the lettering on its forehead–the word “truth”.  Kneeling in front of her, the creature touches her forehead, and in an instant, Sasha hears her grandfather Joseph’s voice.

The creature before here is a Golem–just like the legendary creature created out of clay.  This Golem has a tragic history–as a boy, Joseph was the only survivor of a vicious Nazi concentration camp.  The victims of the camp pooled their efforts into creating the Golem to allow one person to escape–and that person was Joseph.

Not only is the Golem loyal to Sasha, but it also functions as a conduit that allows her to speak to the souls of her grandfather Joseph and the victims of the concentration camp.  Realizing the importance of her heritage and the fact that she can make a difference, Sasha and her Golem set out to take on evil wherever it exists.

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Hello everyone, I'm Marc McKenzie, and this is my second year taking part in of this challenge. I've been a freelancer for the past few years, working in animation and creating commissioned work for clients including the New York Times. There have been ups and downs, but...that's life. Honestly, though, I enjoyed taking part in the challenge last year, and I hope to do my best this year...but I hope that everyone does their best and has fun! Ironically, I never really set out to do art at first. I studied something completely different in college and it was only because of an art teacher that I changed gears. Currently I'm living in Hillsborough, New Jersey, working on commissions, trying to find full-time work, and being a doting uncle to my niece.

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  1. beausephus says:

    I really like the color and composition/contrast of the characters.

  2. JoeCook says:

    Love this one. I especially love tying the Golem legend in with the tragedy of the Holocaust. Really nice touch.

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