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SKULLCRACKER is just that- justice through violence. His methods are violent on a street level. He uses the threat of carrying that violence over into a political realm, putting local government in his pocket in his never-ending effort of seeing true justice carried out through criminal practices to see justice served. He realizes his methods of blackmail, murder, and extortion as means to an end. He and his army answer to a plea of a screaming city and will ease her pain or burn it all to hell and everyone in it. He’s either super smart- or super crazy.

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Horror

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  1. Eric White says:

    This dude is a bad ass.

    Nice work!!

  2. grumperpants says:

    Very intimidating pose—I love it. I also love that he seems to be wearing face paint or have a facial tattoo. It’s a great visual of seeing a skull looking back at you from under that visor.

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