#2 The Warrior

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The warrior is a tribes-woman who chose to defend the tech-nomad tribe. Because they rarely, if ever have enemies in their empty world, she usually acts as a scout, or as a hunter-gatherer with a group of others. However, she maintains strict training regimens to keep herself in a good physical form, and studies sacred tactics transcribed from the net by a shaman. Her and the other warriors of the tribe are looked at as relative outsiders due to their ascetic ways. However this is easily overlooked in the name of good relations, as the tribe is too small to risk a schism.

The main threat to the tribe’s safety are derelict, rampant nano-technological constructs, or “artificial nature” in search of the tech-nomads’ precious materials. In the case of an attack, the warriors rely on an effective semi-autonomous combat doctrine, as communication are difficult at best with their limited means. Depending on the scale of the threat, as the rampant mechs can range in size from only a few centimetres to several stories tall, the group will either collaborate to de-service the mech or to distract it and leave it vulnerable to the shaman’s intervention. The warriors are armed with a variety of makeshift and scavenged firearms and improvised explosives, but are not capable of sustained battle. Fortunately for them, they have rarely faced heavy offensives.


I am not quite as proud of this one. The colors seem off, to me. No3 shall be better, then!

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