#2 Trent Kenna

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Trent used to be your average jock. He played soccer from middle school through freshman year of college, slept with more girls than he could name, and was generally an asshole to anybody he could get away with. And to be honest, this was getting him through life far better than he would have ever imagined, except for when it ended up with him on a hotel room floor, attacked by vampires.

Now living life as a vampire, he rooms with his once-hated college roommate, Val, who is the only one who knows his secret. Cut off from the sunlight and stuck using Val as a renewable food resource, Trent has notsomuch come to terms with his situation as much as he’s tolerated it for the sake of his continued existence. Being technically undead is beyond depressing, and the vibrant jock has morphed into a loner even more reclusive than his bookworm roommate.

Trent wants nothing more than to be human again, but he knows he’s nowhere near smart enough to understand what vampirism even technically is, let alone how he might cure it. Sure, he can’t die (easily), won’t age, et cetera, but all of that is worthless now that his life has lost its meaning. He works the night shift at a local supermarket to help pay the bills, since Val has promised to find a cure for his ailment, and the least he can do is keep the electric on. The rest of his time is spent either sleeping, or, more typically, playing as many sports video games as he can afford.

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