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Youth services librarian. Clevelandite. Bubbly dork. Girlfriend.

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Name: Alexandra “Xan” Getty.

Age: 24.

Appearance: Tall (5’10). Straight, chestnutty hair, hazel eyes. Habitual glasses-wearer. Enjoys wearing dresses and tights, bright colors, fun accessories.

Personal: Downright perky compared to Cora, Xan loves YA literature, Tori Amos, and sweater tights. She is a transplant to Ohio from New Hampshire, having moved for work. Outside of the library she rock-climbs and takes her dog for very long walks in the Big Creek Reservation.

Overview: Xan has been working at the same branch of the Cleveland library as Cora for about two years (with Cora having been there for almost five). She’s had a thinly-veiled crush on Cora for most of that time, but it isn’t until the present storyline that things begin to happen between them–slowly, but happily. Cora has just now opened up to Xan about her powers and magic; Xan is having a pretty hard time dealing with this information, and the fact that Cora kept it from her, but they’re working through it.

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