Day 02 – Grizelda Vedette

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Grizelda Vedette as born into a upper/middle-class family well known for their super-natural genetic line. In her world, it is uncommon to come across a person who doesn’t have some form of “super powers”. Grizelda began developing and training her powers since they first began to appear at the age of 5. By the age of 18 her list of abilities includes powers such as being bullet proof, super speed (her personal favorite of her abilities), and energy manipulation (including but not limited to blasts and fields). She prefers to wear tights to keep her form streamline when she runs and purple just because it is her favorite color. Her mask appears to make her eyes glow as a side effect of the technology that allows her to see farther and better when moving at mach speeds. Even when her mask is off, her eyes appear white. In actuallity, they have developed an extra thick cornea which allows her to run at high speeds even without her protective mask. When Grizelda first figured out she had super speed she went out for a run one night and stumbled upon a young demon boy about to be sacrificed by an unknown cult. Releasing the boy out of pity, she thought nothing of the event until it came back to haunt her 10 years later in the form of the demon Maximus. 


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