Day 2 – Casey Marlowe

| November 2, 2011 | 3 Comments


She’s a hard-boiled detective. Or at least that’s the vibe she gives off when she’s on the job. She got bored of not trusting anyone long ago and doesn’t mind taking a peak into other people’s problems. She likes crocheting, when she happens upon materials.

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I love drawing and I love writing. Figures that I'm doing this. I have a comic on hiatus ( so I figure I might as well expand the world a little before I get back into it.

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  1. This woman’s shoes are AWESOME.

  2. Xiao Mao says:

    Is she wearing… moccasins

    But seriously, it’s great. I love it.

  3. jcwell01 says:

    So much style. Kudos.

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