#2 – Eudora

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Eudora Vanders, nicknamed “Dora”, is the daughter of Cline and Thomasine Vanders.  With her mother being a statue most of her life and her father always busy with work she developed a bit of an abandonment issue, but she has struggled all her life to come to terms with her strange and powerful parents and her unusual upbringing.  Also her father has several other children, she is the only legitimate child and is very clearly his favorite, which caused a lot of rivalry with her half-siblings.

She inherited her mother’s beauty and her father’s brilliant mind – graduating from high school at 16.  Even though her father has tried to spoil her with everything money can buy, she rebelled against his wealth when she was a teenager, got to know the god of Poverty, and lived homeless for several months to understand what it was like to have nothing.

She is now 19 years old, happily enrolled in college and planning to become a social worker.  Unfortunately her life is cut short in a car accident with a drunk driver and her wandering soul is captured by a notorious Ghost Hunter.

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  1. jcwell01 says:

    I can just hear the regal tone. Very nice job.

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