Day 2: Saint Rock

| November 2, 2011 | 3 Comments

Saint Rock is going to save you with his dog and the power of being superb.


The character pretty much is that straightforward. He wouldn’t be much like his historic counterpart, but their talents and names are shared.

As much as I’m not a religious person, I do love reading about saints. They’re basically superheroes that records assert existed. That is too cool to me. St. Rock was a man willing to treat those affected by the Black Death. Eventually succumbing to it, he retreated to the woods so he wouldn’t spread the illness. A dog found him there and licked his wounds and brought him food until he was healed.

NONE OF THAT would be in my Rock’s story, but the same themes would certainly carry over.

What is this Rock up to?

Undetermined, and that’s the most exciting part.

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  1. Eadge says:

    How has this not gotten a comment yet?!? I love it. The drawing and the characters in the drawing are so energetic and fun. I can see this as a tv show for sure.

  2. Nice! I agree with the above commenter! I love the energy and fun here!

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