Day 2: The Phantom Thrasher

| November 2, 2011 | 3 Comments

The Phantom Thrasher

William Shannon was once a famous extreme skater during the 90’s. In 1994 he set to break the record on most revolutions done on a skateboard. He was going to accomplish this by skating off the tallest building with a parachute. Halfway down he was spinning at an uncontrollable rate in which he ripped through to another dimension.

16 years later he found his way back home, ripping and grinding through parallel dimensions. His body’s molecular structure has mutated to handle the stresses of dimensional travel. Now he is back with his 90’s swagger and it also appears that he has only aged about 3 years since his return.

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  1. ElZee3 says:

    These inks are gorgeous!

  2. Hahah, dude, this is so cool. Awesome idea and backstory, you had me sold at the end when he returns in all his 90’s glory. Love it~

  3. Batmankm says:

    Great inking. Filled with energy and movement.

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