Day two: Aziz Bucket

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Aziz BucketAziz Bucket, Born in Cairo but raised in England. Aziz’s Mother was the rebellious daughter of  a wealthy Egyptian business man. She was supposed to marry into an even wealthier family, but fell in love with a street punk in London (Aziz’s Dad). They eloped and started a family in England. When Aziz and his sister were older, the family fell on hard times and had to go to Aziz’s mother’s family for help. In exchance Aziz and Rheesha have to marry into the family their mother was supposed to originally. This is why Aziz must keep his love affair with Bridgette a secret.

(Authors note: Aziz is a “moonrat”, a type of badger like animal found in the middle east. Please note the Tail and little bear ears. He is not an epithet. )


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