Day Two: “Confederate Money”

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 She collapsed in a chair in the kitchen and looked down at her muddied feet in dismay. What was her Aunt going to say about this? She’d only been in town for about 6 months and already she had gotten into more scrapes than she had back home.

She sighed and brushed her auburn hair away from her face, trying to arrange it in some semblance of neatness before going past the room with her Aunt.

She rummaged through her purse for her cigarette case and lit one up.

Her aunt had been ill for nearly a year now, she had moved to New York from Louisiana to care for her. During the day, she cared for her Aunt, making sure that her every need was cared for. During the night and early hours of the day, however, she would be out gallivanting on the town or around the docks, trying to calm her cravings for adventure. These romps were helping her develop what she saw as a true New York accent. From everyone else’s perspective, she became a broad parody of her ideal.

Tonight had been one such adventurous night. She had dressed for the occasion as well, wearing her favourite shoes and a beautiful dress. She would have to replace both those, and goodness knows what had happened to her shoes. She stubbed out what was left of her cigarette, and pulled herself out of the chair.

She left muddy footprints on the carpet as she crept past her Aunt’s open bedroom door.

Words: Lana, art: Julian (Tosche).

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Category: 2011, Drama, Humor, Steampunk

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