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| November 2, 2011 | 4 Comments

On the surface, Red Gokaider (formerly Zach Clarke) seems to lead quite a glamourous life. Supermodels. The Hottest Clubs. Multimillion Dollar Endorsement Deals. But looks can be deceiving.
The real story of Red began six years ago. Leading the rest of the Glorious Gokaider Squad into a final, epic battle with their mortal enemy, the Deacon of Demolition, Red prepared to peform his trademark finishing move, the Heaven Splitting Asteroid Kick. Upon delivering the attack with pinpoint accuracy, the Deacon focused his last remaining bit of power on Red’s Transforming Transmogrifier, hoping to cause a cataclysmic explosion & bring, Red, the rest of the Gokaider Squad, & most of the downtown with him. And while it resulted in a pretty modest blast, everyone but the Deacon managed to survive. Red seemed to remain completely unscathed. That was until his fellow Gokaiders started to revert back to their human forms. With his Transmogrifier completely blown, Red realized he was trapped in his Super Sentai form.
College came for the others, & the team went their separate ways, leaving Red behind. Rumor has it, a replacement device’s in transit, but still at least a dozen lightyears out. In the mean time, Red chose to embrace whatever fame the Gokaiders obtained, puts in public appearances, endorse Suntory, & occasionally thwarts some minor nefarious threat to stay relevant. But as time goes on, the celebrity lifestyle offers less & less consulation. More than anything, he just wants to retire, leave the public eye, & go back to leading a normal life. So much so that lately, he’s beginning to lash out.
Slow computers conspired to keep me from posting this on the first day. But here’s my first entry. Anyway, I’ve been itching to do a Sentai character for a while. On my list of jump-off ideas,  I had ‘Suave Power Ranger.’ And I like the idea that he was once this super altruistic do-gooder, but he’s slowly losing his grip on sanity & could slip & pull a 180. The one conceit is that it’s more of an Ultraman kind of transformation, so it’s not just a helmet & spandex he can take off at will.
I have no immediate use for this guy, but I dig the concept. I might end up using him as an Entervoid character.

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  1. I would read/watch the hell out of this one~! You’ve made an excellent twist on the Sentai-idea!

  2. For relaxing times, make it Suntory times~ Hah!
    Awesome first concept man, i dig the twist as well, the busted transmogrifier is gold, at least he want stuck as a pterodactyl 😛

    Keep at it!

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