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Dr. Moonstache and his one eyed-three legged sphynx kitty

#3 Jani-Bot 3000

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This is the Jani-Bot 3000. One of the many robots that will replace human workers.

Many of us have grown up hearing about how computers and robots will replace us in the workforce of the future. But it has never seemed more real than in the past few years. I was inspired after listening to a recent episode of On Point on NPR. I highly recommend you listen to it if you want to hear about the reality of most of our jobs being done by robots in the near future!

2011 #3-The Aqua Archer

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3 Duke Snookie

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Duke Snookie
Snookie is the insane first cousin of the King. He was crowned Duke of the Outer Lands. This accomplished two things, one: keeping the lands surrounding the kingdom from other would-be-monarchs…and two getting Snookie as far away from the king as possible, while keeping him under some bit of control.

Duke Snookie settled quickly into Precarious Keep started barking orders. First he passed a ban on any and all Cheese products (he wants all the cheese for himself.) Then he made it illegal to sell Pez dispensers during the week (he would also love to own all the Pez dispensers in the kingdom.) And then he forbid fishing while sitting on a giraffe’s neck (He doesn’t own a giraffe.)

Claf and Steve seem to always get in the Duke’s way…and they kinda like it that way.

#3 – Santamaría

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The small isle of Punta Blanca is a republic located about a thousand miles from continental Central America. It is nation with a rich history and culture that almost 99.99% of people who don’t live on Punta Blanca know nothing about.

No, unfortunately the best known fact about the small island is its infamous nickname: “Paraiso de Guerrillas”.

Guerrilla Paradise.

The name comes from the later days of the Cold War, where Punta Blanca became a focal point for the struggle between the CIA and the KGB, both organizations desperately trying to ally themselves with the local government and militia before the other could. This was mostly due to both strategic geographical advantage and the vastness of it’s natural resources. Since Punta Blanca was not fully colonized until the late 19th century, this meant that it’s mineral riches had gone pretty much untouched throughout the entire Spanish occupation, making it the richest so called third world country in the world.

However, Punta Blanca, and specially Punta Blanca’s president at the time, José Higuerón Padre, wanted nothing to do with either country and their petty struggles. Being a predominantly self-sufficient country with a ridiculously low importing rate there was nothing that either side could offer that would truly win them over. This was the point that negotiations turned sour. It’s rather unclear who took the initiative, whether the Yankees or the Russians, but either of them decided that if they could not have Punta Blanca, then no one would have it. The other side simply played along.

The island became the site of a bloody conflict between communist and capitalist “factions”, nothing more than actual american and soviet soldiers masquerading as local militias, which both Washington and the Kremlin used as excuses to pump even more armed forces into the area. The conflict lasted almost two years and caused enormous damage to both the country and its people. Many lost their lives due to this pointless struggle. Something would have to be done.

In April of 1974, president Higuerón passed a constitutional decree which was unanimously approved by the country’s senate, which officially instated the first ever Punta Blanca National Army. A staggering 75% of the male population of the country was immediately drafted and trained. Yet Higuerón and his people knew this wouldn’t be enough to free his country from the Cold War’s phantom.

Article Zero of the National Army Proclamation Act also officially instated “Project: Torch”, the first ever official super-soldier program since “Operation: Rule Britannia” in World War I.

But just like Rule Birtannia before it, the majority of Punta Blanca’s soldiers proved immune to the multiple chemical treatments employed by Project: Torch, with most soldiers only gaining minor muscular and reflex enhancements from the procedure.

However, through something scientist call a genetical probability of one in a million, a young soldier names John Duarte, the first ever successfully produced super-soldier in the world. The process provided Duarte with super strength, super speed, maximized reflexes, peak hand-to-eye coordination, and improvements to everyone of his senses. This coupled with extensive training from multiple mercenary organizations contracted by the Punta Blanca government for the purpose of both training and adding to the ranks of their army turned him into his countries top operative.

His codename comes from the local legends of the early settlers about a missionary who lived in the deep jungles of the island after fleeing the slaughter of his flock by the indians by throwing himself to the ocean and swimming for days. John Duarte gave way to Santamaría.

Almost 40 years later, Punta Blanca remains an autonomous nation, even more distrusting of other nations than before. Their army continues to grow and evolve, being now considered the top military power in all the world. Which mostly has to due with the man in the top chair of that army. Even in his late 60’s, Santamaría continues to be both an imposing presence and a skilled combatant. The process that gave him his power has somehow also allowed him to retain his mental and physical prowess even at such and advanced age.

His eyes remain forever vigilant on each and every border of his small nation, a grin on his lips and a glint on his eye, waiting for the next fool stupid enough to dare threaten
 his beloved country.

#3 – Bald Hegretti

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Not to be confused with its rather hirsute counterpart, the bald hegretti is a bipedal omnivore that lives in the warmer climates of the south. Its enormous appetite is satiated only by constantly eating whatever its enormous tongue comes into contact with; because this is not normally enough, its eyes have instead been replaced with tinier mouths, to eat any insects that happen to land on the creature’s skin. Suprisingly, while this creature looks more human than most, its behaviour is more akin to a dog’s than a man.


Day 3 – Hayden Deshay

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The next few posts of mine will be characters from one of my pet stories. I already have designs for the two main characters but only names for the others.

Hayden is the older sister of Camden, a brilliant alchemist and part-time historian. She behaves more like a mother figure as both of their parents have jobs that keep them away from home most of the time. She teaches fencing at a small school near her family’s estate. Their family isn’t wealthy,  but they were given a large house with an underground laboratory because the ruling party has their eye on Camden and his research and wanted him to nurture his intellect so he would join their ranks as an adult. Camden was a precocious child who created amazing things by combining magic and science even as everyone else was just getting a hold on their magic skills.

She’s always worrying about Camden and wishes he would stop spending so much time in his lab, believing teenagers should be more active, but ultimately she leaves him alone. Deep down she’s really proud of him.

Hayden herself admits to being something of a hopeless romantic, especially when compared to Camden’s technical mind.




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The Koralian Star Empire was a military juggernaut that spanned lightyears.  It invaded and conquered other worlds more advanced than ours with relative ease.  Part of that ease was its forward advanced android units known as MOLCRONS.  Twenty-Five Molcron units were dispatched from the Koral Homeworld approximately 250 years ago to a backwater world known to the natives as EARTH.  On route 24 of the 25 units experienced a navigation malfunction caused by a gamma burst.  Those units were destroyed in an asteroid belt.  The surviving unit suffered some damage however that caused it to lose light drive and communications with the homeworld.  When it finnally touched down on Earth, it began its mission of subduing the native population to Koralian rule.  What it didnt know is that the gamma burst that destroyed its companion units also destroyed the Koral homeworld and caused the empire to collapse soon after.  So Molcron V continues its mission for a world that no longer exists!

#3 Alex “The Candyman” Popovich

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Alex Popovich – Former USSR amateur boxing champion who moved to the United States in 1985 to make it big and fight Rocky Balboa. When he found out that Rocky was a fictional character he gave up and opened a candy store in New Jersey.

-Based on a true story.

#3 – Angelica

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No bio on this one. Pretty much sketched her out of thin air. I was somewhat under the influence of Amy Winehouse at the time, which could explain some things or nothing at all.

#2 Sergerette of science

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Segerette, a title invented by the same person who carries it, she’s the one you’re looking at right now actually. Margaret, Miss Fuff to you, has as many inventions as she has bad hair days (all of the days). She prides herself of being the most prevalent inventor on this side of the planet, a pride that might or might not be, the invention of her own. Who knows, she thinks she does, or so she claims. She also claims that every invention that is praised on the media was her idea. Hardron collider? She cooked that up in an afternoon. That whole enterage of robot DOG’s and actually all of Japan.

Come to think of it though, no one has really seen her invent anything, and, the only thing she ever patented was the extra long channel switcher that’s batteryless. Some says it’s just a glorified stick but she does have the patent framed in her kitchen. Some, who are a little meaner, says she printed it out herself.

Though, word is that she has a underground laboratory where she does her science work for the CIA. Or was it the FBI? MiB? So what could she be, old kook with a streak for tinkering, or, technological mastermind? Well, the only thing she’ll tell you is to get off her lawn, possibly might relent to eventual offerings of cake or other sweet things. Don’t expect a hug though, especially if you bring up what you’ve heard about her. Then the only thing you can expect is a bruised behind and no cake at all.

Art wise: I tried a little cartoony style for today, is lagging a little behind though since photoshop decided to crash three times. I can only blame myself for not hovering over the quicksave buttons. Oh well!! Here she is now, enjoy.

Just passin’ by…

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November 3

“Where are we going?”

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November 2

“Say what?!”

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November 1

#3 John Tyler

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A snowman with the arms of a bodybuilder, the legs of a skeleton, and the wheel of a wheelbarrow. The only thing he wants is the most beautiful set of pearly whites in the world. And with his trusty hammer, he will find them all.

He shares his name with the tenth and best president of the United States

#3 Andy Mole

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Designed with the video game mascot character boom of the 90’s in mind. Maybe he has to save a… forest? …a princess?


Day Three – Mystic

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No, she isnt a Sonic character, she just sorta took on the look I suppose.

She is the spirit of fire, as it is her element. Considering her color scheme.

She is also worshiped by people and holds the rings on her body that are sacred to them.

#3 Ampersand

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Ampersand  : Status : heroine

Neovidual abilities: Ampersand has the power to duplicate herself at an as of yet unlimited amount. To do so takes a focused effort of mere seconds much like it would take any person to throw a punch or kick. Suspected as a practice to manifest the energy to duplicate Ampersand either shouts the word “and” or chants the word multiple times.  For an as of yet unknown reason she must pronounce the word to produce duplicates of herself.

Ampersand can also evaporate her duplicates at will, and is able to create multiple duplicates by way of an existing duplicate’s shouts or chants.  Possessing an extraordinary ability to mentally process mass amounts of information very quickly , Ampersand’s mental /cerebral abilities are beyond human, successfully processing each experience of any duplicate of her that exists as if it’s a stand alone sentient being.

This ability to process every experience of her duplicates and react to each independently is both an asset and a potential liability as she also feels the pain each of her individual duplicate experiences making her threshold for discomfort astronomical.

It is standard practice for Ampersand to evaporate a duplicate that has experience trauma without loss or injury to herself or other duplicates.

The duplicates themselves are not stand alone sentient beings, rather, they are literally extensions of the original, true Ampersand which she controls all at the same time as easily as anyone would control the ten fingers on their two hands simultaneously.

It is rumored that no one has actually ever met the “true , original” Ampersand  and that anyone who has ever encountered her has only met a “duplicate extension” of her. She considers the act of asking whether or not she is the “original” extremely rude and will immediately cut ties with anyone who does so, no matter who they are.

(Webcomic: Internal Hero Presents)

(G.R. aka Retropsect360 on Twitter)



#3 Cotton Sateen

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Cotton Sateen has quickly become the most popular act at the Gentle Ladies’ Exotic Dancing Club since his arrival three months ago. They say his routine with the canoe paddles is must-see.  He is  very secretive and a bit shy off-stage, leading to much speculation about his day-time habits. Some girls will swear up and down that they’ve seen coming out of Differential Equations during class-change at the University, but nobody knows for sure.

Day 2 and 3

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#3 Pester and Fester

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Pester and Fester

Come meet the new kids

They’re twin demon Hellspawns…duh.

#3 – Gear Farmer

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Looks like this crop ‘o gears is just about ready!

(Edit: Everyone is telling me this guy reminds them of someone from Spyro 2, but I haven’t played it, sorry!)

#02 Alexandra Wu

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A corrupt policeman with her own idea of justice. She’s from a middle-class family and became a cop because she wanted respect, but ended up taking bribes. She likes if people are a little afraid of her. Exists in the same world as #01 Mizuki, and is in a complicated power struggle of a relationship with her.

#3 Dillon Peters

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#3 – Lady Caitlin

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Lady Caitlin is a high elf with a very violent temper.  She acts like a proper lady most of the time, but she loves to drink and will often frequent bars and taverns throughout the country side.  She usually has four body guards (all women) with her at all times and they protect her from the rif-raft when she is drinking.


She is not against killing anyone who displeases her and has been known to go into a mad frenzy from time to time.  She is best know for destroying an entire tavern, including killing most of the patrons, because someone accidentally spilled a drink on her.

#2 Stranger-er

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He’s a weirdo, a real weirdo.  You know the type.




#3 Claudius Khrietz

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Claudius Khrietz, royal storyteller.

Working as the storyteller/tutor/advisor  of the fey king, he knows practically every play, poem, novel and tome by heart and quotes from them often. After the hundreds  of years working in the palace, he has found that he is startinfg to become un-interested in books and fails to see originality or spark in any work. Hoping that it will cure him of his lack of interest, he visists the human realm and hopes it will bring him inspiration to recite stories once again.

—-woo! Day 3! I had to kinda rush on this one because of studying, chores and what-not. I really, really like this character. He’s that detached/stoic kind of guy who makes snide comments but is really passionate about what he does. This definetly won’t be the last time I draw him.

#3 – Jonathan

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15 year old Jonathan is the first human that Sierra and Enki meet who can actually see them and travel into the Dreamsphere with them. He aids them in their dream hunting. An all around nerd, Jonathan is picked on at school for a variety of reasons. He’s quiet, introverted and has a problem with talking back to people. He can actually get quite an attitude, but people would never know due to his shy exterior unless they pick a fight with him.

Jonathan is obsessed with tabletop gaming, especially D&D…but he has no one to play with. So he brings his Player’s Handbook with him everyday to school and reads it cover to cover everyday. He knows the game inside and out, but this odd habit has also subjected him to bullying and other nasty things the students can come up with.

Jonathan discovers upon bringing his beloved Player’s Handbook into the Dreamsphere that he can summon any thing from the book, whether it be a monster, hero, weapon or item, and it’ll appear before him.


# 3 : Jagan, The Evil Eye

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Now, from Dinosaurs to traditional Superheroes and Supervillains, comes Jagan, the Evil Eye.

A criminal mastermind, Jagan, the Evil Eye commits crimes either for profit or to instill his brand of terror across the city of Chicago, for profit. He runs an outfit of masked henchman called the Eyes, who are regular criminals who wear special masks that not only conceal their identities, but each mask is specially coated with chemicals that disperse a memory cleansing agent upon forced removal to ensure no one reveals the Jagan’s true identity. Jagan also enforces control over his gang and with any other person via  chemical compounds that Jagan disperses based on what operation he is going for. These gases can range from sleep to hallucinogenic. Jagan dispenses these compounds via wrist-mounted devices or through grenades. He enhances the effects via psychedelic strobe lights in his helmet that display a swirling mass of vivid colors and various eye patterns to convey The Evil Eye’s state of mind. Jagan, The Evil Eye utilizes psychological warfare and fearful intimidation to incite fear and to unsettle the minds of his targets.

His secret identity is still a mystery, though some investigators suspected him to be local psychologist, Frederic Wolham, as he studied the effects of chemical compounds combined with disruptive stimuli on the human mind, yet the doctor was found murdered in his Lakeview home and his notes taken. Police have investigated all of Wolham’s assistants with no possible suspect caught.  Whoever murdered the doctor and stole his work is evidently able to use it with swift and deadly efficiency, as Jagan, The Evil Eye in his debut, once released a massive chemical hallucinogen during  Grant Park’s Lolapooloza festival, causing the entire downtown area to to break down into chaos, which the Tribune dubbed the event ” The Night of Delirium”

So far, police and the Superhuman community has yet to capture Jagan, The Evil Eye and anyone who actually captures him is usually revealed to be just one of his henchmen, wearing his outfit and dies from an airborne pathogen created once unmasked. So, we are left with a chemical wizard who elusive as well as deadly.

Jagan’s outfit initially started out as a sketch of someone’s entry into a new Batman costume, and it was interesting to me because from a departure from most costumes, this batsuit was heavy on using crazy eye patterns on the helm. This led me to create the Jagan as I remade the style and piping over his outfit while experimenting with his helmet until I got the desired eye pattern I wanted his helmet to have.  I wanted to base this villain in the vein of both Mysterio and The Scarecrow, in that I want a villain who employs chemicals and striking visuals to elicit fear, but also to mess with the minds of his victims to further his psychological torture profile. So, there you have it, beware the fearsome watch of Jagan, The Evil Eye.


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Discription to come later.

#3 – Theo

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