Day #3- Spore Spirit

| November 3, 2011 | 3 Comments

The Spore Spirit- a wily critter who’s spite is just as venomous as the mushrooms that grow on it’s back.

They are genderless and reproduce via mushroom spores. Near the end of their lives, the mushrooms in their back begin to take over their bodies until they become immobilized. The mushrooms decompose their bodies until where they once lay is nothing but a huge clump of venomous spores. These spores, left undisturbed, eventually burst and reveal a “newborn” Spirit.

Most of the Spirits sense when this process is beginning, and use the last of their days to travel to the secret Spore grounds, where they can carry out their “reproduction” in peace. Those who do not make it are often interrupted by human and animal activity during the process of trying to reproduce and fail to successfully complete the process.

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  1. Xiao Mao says:

    Love the concept! Also love the way you drew the mop of hair on its head. Great job.

  2. JohnG1972 says:

    Great idea. Just using red was a nice touch and it really helped it stand out.

  3. Mr.Shorty says:

    It’s like a Guillermo del Toro creation but on acid. Excellent work.

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