Day 3 – Earthman

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Colonel Trevor Tillman was piloting the new galactic class spaceship equipped with the new Terra-drive technology which actually wraps space around the ship and essentially brings your destination to you.  As Colonel Tillman was inputting the coordinates for the test run to the nearest star, he sneezed.  This caused the calculations to be in error resulting in the ship folding space and time around itself.  Trevor Tillman passed out.

Upon awaking, he was shocked to see himself surrounded by many strange creatures.  He was lying on a table…naked!  After an embarrassing run and dash adventure through some strange station filled with weird creatures, Trevor finally calmed down enough to talk with a mechanical humanoid known as a Mechanicoid.  The Mechanicoid introduced itself as Bob (which it seems truly is the most common name in the Universe).  Bob told Trevor that he had been found floating in space nearly twenty-thousand years ago.  He had been the source of much controversy which resulted in the creation of several sciences and even a few religions.  Eventually Trevor was revived and that is how he came to be standing in front of a Mechanicoid named Bob.

Eventually Trevor becomes an unlikely hero and as such things go, because he is the last known human, he becomes known simply as Earthman.  Webcomic forthcoming.  🙂

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