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Years ago, someone in the US Government decided that the most powerful nation on Earth needed an equally powerful team of superhumans to help defend it. So a secret project was started in hopes of creating a national superhuman defense task force from scratch. Billion dollar contracts went out to both defense & pharmaceutical firms, & everyone set out trying to build a better human. After years of research & wasteful spending, the first success story emerges: PFC Regina Carter.

All it took was a simple tweak to her bioharmonics, and like a light being switched, Carter’s psychokinetic potential had been awakened. Working with vibrational frequencies, not only can she manipulate objects with her the power of her mind in the traditional telekinetic sense, she also possesses a spatial awareness so acute, that operates almost like mental sonar. And while she can use her powers to mimic abilities like flight & superstrength, it seems intense heat is generated if she focuses on an object for too long. And while this does also grant her limited pyrokinesis, it’s a bit hard for her to maintain levitation for more than a couple of minutes before overheating & the fear of spontaneous combustion starts to set in.

But before she could ever properly put her newly developed skills to the test, Senate slashed all funding on Superhuman R & D in a round of massive budget cuts. However, still driven by a sense of duty, Regina’s forced to take her superheroic potential to the private sector.  Need a hand?


I’m not really a superhero guy. Haven’t been for a bit. Though now that’s two in a row. This character was unique for me in that I didn’t know what I wanted exactly as much as I knew what I didn’t want. I was looking to create a flagship-style female superhero, but avoid a lot of the tropes & controversial choices you find in superhero books these days. For the most part, beyond artist error, I think she’s realistically proportioned. She’s not some crazy sexpot, so she could easily serve as a role model. And just because she’s black doesn’t mean she’s “from the mean streets” or the analog for some white character.

I got the drawing for this done a lot earlier than I did yesterday’s but got held up on a name & how to word the back story. So here it is now. Another hopefully later this evening.

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  1. Saburu91 says:

    It’s refreshing to see a character like this, good job!

  2. SheliHay says:

    Love her proportions! Which sounds weird to say, but man! She’s so human, which is a balance I think more heroes should rock.

  3. treyjackson says:

    Very cool, love the style and the origin. I’ve enjoyed all your characters so far. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Jared Lewis says:

    Sorry, guys. It’s been a little tough to come back & respond, but I really appreciate the feedback!

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