#2 Blazing Arrow

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Blazing Arrow

Blazing Arrow

“I got my arrow/ I got my bow I got my fire /and I’m walking through the darkness/ slowly on a tightrope wire” – Blackalicious, “Intro: Bow & Fire”

The young man known to the gods of Earth as the Blazing Arrow was exploring abandoned buildings in a run-down part of his postindustrial hometown, when he happened across a magic compound bow.  For it turns out that, in their endless intrigues and squabbles, the gods can get careless with their power, allowing it to manifest on Earth in ways mortals can use.
When he picks it up, he transforms, in clothes and in aspect (into amore idealized version of himself). He is given the name Blazing Arrow by a goddess he helps, and now he takes on the gods, keeping them in check so that humanity can develop freely.

Some of the mythological/conceptual arrows he has include:
“The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”

The Arrow of Time – accelerates entropy

Cupid’s arrow

Artemis’ arrows of silver moonlight

Astras – Hindu supernatural weapons most often invoked into arrows


Loki’s mistletoe arrow, which killed Baldr (seeks out hidden weaknesses)

Arrows of the Egyptian goddess Neith – the blazing arrow (limitless sun) and weaving arrow


Track: Blackalicious, “Intro: Bow & Fire”

(notes: here is precisely what I had beforehand, from my notebook: “Blazing Arrow: Black archer hero

Someone who uses magic arrows, the favor of a goddess s/he released from a crystal prison… rather than trick arrows a la green arrow or hawkeye, s/he fights with the idea of an arrow. speed, velocity, direction, piercing, cupid, robin hood, artemis, wayfinding, divination, ancient arrowheads.”)



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  1. Jared Lewis says:

    So with doing the 30 Characters, I feel bad because I want to go & comment on the ones I like but I’m too pressed trying to create my own. When I saw this the other night, there was something super familiar & awesome about an archer with that kind of thunderbolt & I couldn’t place it until I saw the bio. That’s a pretty damn awesome interpretation!

    • treyjackson says:

      I know exactly what you mean. I’m trying to remedy that myself and comment more, but all my energy goes into making sure something goes up each day. I’m glad you dug the character and even happier that you got the reference! 🙂

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