#2 – Bogrüll Medic

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Name: Bogrüll Medic

Species: Bogrülls

Description: After discovering a brand new world,   our Recon Unit, the SFX-2000, spent its second day in the Bogrülls’ world and found a strange building that looks like our hospitals here, on our planet. The hospital was almost empty (maybe a sign of a very healthy population?). But the SFX-2000 did encounter that fellow, which, without a doubt, is a doctor in this strange hospital. One notable strange fact: what appears to be a common monitor, seems to be working by itself, without the help of the doctor. Could it be some sort of advance robotic system?

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Category: 2011, Humor, Scifi, WTF

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