#2 – Braaains

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Connor McAdams was just an ordinary man in his first life, with a job and student loan payments.  Living paycheck to paycheck, even found a girl he thought he could settle down with and raise some kids.  That was until she was bitten…  and turned into a zombie.  Like so many other people before the outbreak, Connor didn’t know what was happening, and didn’t know what was wrong with his love,  so he too became one of the horde as the zombie apocalypse continued to rise.

One day, while scrounging for some fresh meat, Connor stumbled across a research institute.  There wasn’t much left for pickings, but he could hear that something was still alive, and it made him hungry.  The rocket scientist didn’t know Connor was there when he came back in from evacuating his bowels.  Connor didn’t know that the rocket scientist had slowly been getting irradiated by some spilled radiation that had leaked from the chaos that had taken place elsewhere in the institute.  The rocket scientist was nummy, but somehow the irradiated brains of the scientist had changed Connor somehow.  He no longer acted on the pure need to feet.  He could think.  He could even speak (again).  But more importantly, he could now control other zombies.  Get them to do his bidding.  He became a leader to the zombies.  He’d set traps for nearby survivors, and the zombie horde would be waiting.  Despite being more intelligent,  he still has to feed on living flesh…

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