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DIE PERSONA!In case you aren’t familiar with Persona, my 2nd entry here is connected with my first.  Nike is Ulrike Sommerheim‘s persona!  Maybe also her sponsor in the Juniors…who knows!  I keep laughing about this.

Based on the Greek goddess of victory, Nike (who has really long hair for some reason) is of the Star Arcana like Ulrike and is strong against Physical and Fire attacks but week against Darkness.  She has various Agi skills, physical enhancing buffs and attacks, and will eventually get God’s Hand because that is the best.  She’s well balanced as far as physical and magical powers but doesn’t excel in one or the other.  I would use her mostly for buffs…and God’s Hand…because that is the best.

I’ve depicted Nike in a very traditional way with her torch outstretched in her hands, but instead of the other hand holding her laurel I used it as the neckline to her dress.  And again, for some reason, gave her really long hair.  I did not feel like adding texture to her wings right now but I may go back and fix up some of these characters when I have more time.

Now I have to think about Day 3…which technically has already started.

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