#2 – Renian ‘White Claw’ Marcosa

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Renian Marcosa leads the clan and main family. He is Tabby’s older brother. Renian considers himself a baby sitter to some of the clan’s more unruly members and constantly seeks advice from his dishonored grandfather. Liking the hunt, he leads the pack once a week to fetch food and exhaust their innerselves.

Renian’s wolf side is called White Claw. White Claw used to be his father’s wolf spirit until he inherited it on his father’s death bed. Since then, he has been in charge of the clan, despite his very young age. White Claw is a long eared, long tailed white wolf claiming to be from the Glorious times. White Claw will only inhabit the bodies of acceptables, or those who won’t be driven insane by his power. White Claw also grants Renian certain gifts, such as small foresight, minor healing abilities and blood scent.



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