#2 Sergerette of science

| November 3, 2011 | 2 Comments

Segerette, a title invented by the same person who carries it, she’s the one you’re looking at right now actually. Margaret, Miss Fuff to you, has as many inventions as she has bad hair days (all of the days). She prides herself of being the most prevalent inventor on this side of the planet, a pride that might or might not be, the invention of her own. Who knows, she thinks she does, or so she claims. She also claims that every invention that is praised on the media was her idea. Hardron collider? She cooked that up in an afternoon. That whole enterage of robot DOG’s and actually all of Japan.

Come to think of it though, no one has really seen her invent anything, and, the only thing she ever patented was the extra long channel switcher that’s batteryless. Some says it’s just a glorified stick but she does have the patent framed in her kitchen. Some, who are a little meaner, says she printed it out herself.

Though, word is that she has a underground laboratory where she does her science work for the CIA. Or was it the FBI? MiB? So what could she be, old kook with a streak for tinkering, or, technological mastermind? Well, the only thing she’ll tell you is to get off her lawn, possibly might relent to eventual offerings of cake or other sweet things. Don’t expect a hug though, especially if you bring up what you’ve heard about her. Then the only thing you can expect is a bruised behind and no cake at all.

Art wise: I tried a little cartoony style for today, is lagging a little behind though since photoshop decided to crash three times. I can only blame myself for not hovering over the quicksave buttons. Oh well!! Here she is now, enjoy.

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I'm just a swede dreaming about cartoons! I read a lot of comics and look at most of the new cartoons out there. I'm a sucker for design so I can watch or read almost all things if they have interesting designs, there is limits to my leeway when it comes to story though, haha! I hope I'll finish this challenge, I really need to flex my creativity since my only original characters counts up to the measly two....... But that's about to change!! LET'S GO!!

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  1. Eadge says:

    I love the hair. It is amazing.

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