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Akamu came to the Redmane tribe as a young boy. He was born to the Nagai tribe of Seastriders, but had developed Changes incongruous with his tribe and
enviroment. The Nagai sent Akamu to the Redmane tribe as part of an ancient pact between the two, to send young members of their tribe who developed
traits better suited for their respective enviroments to each other’s village to keep the bloodlines fresh and the people in question useful
Akamu had to learn many of the hunting techniques that the Redmanes used along the bark, and had to learn the tribe’s history and symbols as well.
Akamu married Ahere, Hatarei’s mother, and begot one son on her before he lost his grip during a hunting expedition and fell to his death.
Akamu never really felt at home along the bark, nor among the people of the Redmane tribe. He often climbed to the tip of the branch the tribe had
built their dwellings in order to look down at the sea. Like most people born as Redmanes, Akamu was possessed of climbing claws and a red mane of fury,
as well as a vestigial tail. Akamu was always a boisterous young man untill he was sent from his home, after arriving at the Redmane village he was
quiet and withdrawn. It was only through the matchmaking of Atawhai, the Redmane shaman, that Akamu found a wife in Ahere, though the bond the two shared
was strong.

From: Negheia, Nagai shaman
To: Atahwai, Redmane shaman

First day of the third moon of the fivehundred and sixth year after the fall, Nagai village

This letter has been sent by Fyoom-ki caravan for the urgency of the message it bears, I hope your tribe will accord all proper
hospitality to the caravan drivers.
I am writing to you concerning an ancient pact between our tribes, a bloodbond.
A boy of our tribe has recently, instead of the Changes usual in our tribe, developed red fur and claws.
We believe he would be more suitable to life amog your people, and if you would be so kind as to send a return missive
with the caravan that bore this letter detailing your tribe’s acceptance of this boy, named Akamu, we will send him
within the turn of the new year.

Negheia, chief shaman of the Nagai tribe

From: Atahwai, Redmane shaman
To: Negheia, Nagai shaman

Twentieth day of the fifth moon of the fivehundred and sixth year after the fall, Redmane winter village

We honour your dedication to the ancient pact, Negheia, and we accept this boy into our midst.
We will treat and teach him as one of our own, and we uphold the bonds that bind us to one another.

Atawhai, shaman and elder of the Redmane tribe.

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