#3 Ampersand

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Ampersand  : Status : heroine

Neovidual abilities: Ampersand has the power to duplicate herself at an as of yet unlimited amount. To do so takes a focused effort of mere seconds much like it would take any person to throw a punch or kick. Suspected as a practice to manifest the energy to duplicate Ampersand either shouts the word “and” or chants the word multiple times.  For an as of yet unknown reason she must pronounce the word to produce duplicates of herself.

Ampersand can also evaporate her duplicates at will, and is able to create multiple duplicates by way of an existing duplicate’s shouts or chants.  Possessing an extraordinary ability to mentally process mass amounts of information very quickly , Ampersand’s mental /cerebral abilities are beyond human, successfully processing each experience of any duplicate of her that exists as if it’s a stand alone sentient being.

This ability to process every experience of her duplicates and react to each independently is both an asset and a potential liability as she also feels the pain each of her individual duplicate experiences making her threshold for discomfort astronomical.

It is standard practice for Ampersand to evaporate a duplicate that has experience trauma without loss or injury to herself or other duplicates.

The duplicates themselves are not stand alone sentient beings, rather, they are literally extensions of the original, true Ampersand which she controls all at the same time as easily as anyone would control the ten fingers on their two hands simultaneously.

It is rumored that no one has actually ever met the “true , original” Ampersand  and that anyone who has ever encountered her has only met a “duplicate extension” of her. She considers the act of asking whether or not she is the “original” extremely rude and will immediately cut ties with anyone who does so, no matter who they are.

(Webcomic: Internal Hero Presents)

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