#3 Atash al Darakhshan

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Let’s continue the story! Meet Atash al Darakhshan, better know as the Red King (gee I wonder why). The king of the earth mages. A kind, jovial, somewhat over-enthusiastic guy with a firm grip on his country. He’s the first earth mage king in years who managed to centralize the entire government of his country and place all control in his own hands. Things were going pretty well: working hard ruling the country during the day, smoking pot at night and fighting tournaments in the weekends. Atash was pretty satisfied with his life and what he had accomplished, and was actually ready to lay back and enjoy a life of routine. Until at some point rumours started spreading through the country about strange people that had been spotted near the border with the Northern mountain ranges. Atash decided that routine was boring anyway and went to investigate. And thus he stumbled upon the Tegus Erdene, Batachikhan and their colony of air and water mages, who had been living in the mountains for about ten years without ever realizing that there were other people living in their holy land.

This caused (what a suprise!) some problems. The “funny” thing about this situation is that not only did the Tegus Erdene and Batachikhan see Atash and his people as strange, barbaric people who had entered the country given to air and water mages by their Goddess (despite the fact that the earth mages had lived in that land longer than they had), the interesting thing was that the earth mages and air/water mages were complete opposites in almost every single way. The most crippling problem was that the air/water mages were a matriarchal society, the earth mages a patriarchal society. The Tegus Erdene and Batachikhan didn’t want to acknowledge Atash as leader of the earth mages because he was male, while Atash didn’t want to acknowledge the Tegus Erdene as leader of the air/water mages because she was female.

This could have resulted in a destructive war and the end of the history of either the earth or the water/air mages, if it wasn’t for both the leaders’ personalities. Atash was a very curious, inquisitive man, and actually would rather learn more about these strange mages who could control water or air and were female dominant than get caught up in a war with them. The Tegus Erdene was a softy and a pacifist who just wanted everyone to be happy and get along with each other. So after a few months of tension, they decided to put aside their differences. Atash and the Tegus Erdene actually became very good friends, spending hours together talking with each other about their cultures and believes. The earth mages watched this interest of their king for the strange foreigners with suspicion. The more time Atash spend with the Tegus Erdene, the more his strong grip on his country loosened and the more people started protesting against him and his relaxed attitude towards what the earth mages saw as foreign invaders. The earth mages were not the only ones who were dissatisfied with the peaceful situation. Batachikhan was convinced that the strong contrast between the air/water mages and earth mages would inevitably lead to war. And she wanted to make sure that she and her people would get the first move.

The Tegus Erdene, as mentioned before, was very sickly. About two years after meeting Atash and the earth mages, she died of heart failure. While Atash was mourning the death of his friend, Batachikhan prepared for war…

Story continues with the next character, as usual!


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Hey there! I'm Spesiria, an 18 years old writer/artist/history student/procrastinator from the Netherlands, who has no idea what other information should be put in a bio. I like creating my own fantasy worlds and stuffing them with a shit-ton of characters, which is (for this challenge) pretty much all you need to know about me, haha!

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  1. He certainly looks like he could be a solid mage-king.

  2. Nycteris says:

    Wow I love his (diabolical) grin!
    Actually I love the whole picture.

  3. DeboraFM says:

    Love the clothes design~

  4. Gregory says:

    Your linework and color sensibility in this pic is appealing to me- there’s a solid feel to the whole image. well done!

  5. Spesiria says:

    Aw, thanks everyone ;u; You are the sweetest!

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