#3 Billy

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The Twelve.

Billy-boy here was born in March. People didn’t know what to expect, what kind of a beast would the March’s cursed baby be. When Billy was born, people really thought that an alien came out. Rabbit babies aren’t really that cute when just born, so go and figure how “cute” they are when a rabbit headed human baby with a twenty times bigger head than an usual rabbit baby has comes to this world.

Anyway, Billy turned out to be a really cute child. When he was a teenager, punk was something that turned out to be “his thing”. He was pretty rebellious teenager, a bit angsty too. He became more sensible when he was around 20-years-old. He still does have that punk spirit in him, though.

When not drunk, Billy is a rather quiet person, keeping company to himself. He does enjoy company that involves other people a lot too, but in those situations he’s more like an observer.
Whenever Billy is drunk (and alcohol is his lover…………….) , he gets into fights a lot. Silly bunny.

Aprilll tomorrowww!


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