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[The following was taken from reports to Interpol Director Francis Croke on the suspected personal of a international organization known as A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A. Whether A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A is a vigilante group, freedom fighters or terrorists is still being investigated]

Name: Betsy Traci Barnum

Alias: BT Barnum

Age: 29

Height: 5’9

Current weight:125

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Group Affiliations: A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A, Barnum Circus

Distinguishing skills/features: Expert in several fields of circus performing which helps her immensely in the field. Although she doesn’t have any formal combat training she uses her accumulated physical knowledge to be a fierce unpredictable combatant. When not in disguise she has a tendency to wear a ringleader jacket and top hat.

History: Born Betsy Traci Barnum, BT Barnum is the last living member of the Barnum Line and the majority shareholder of Barnum Circus the worlds largest and most well traveled Circus originally founded by her great great grandfather PT Barnum.

BT was orphaned at the age of nine when her parents were killed in a car wreck, and upon the examination of their joint will it was revealed that the majority shares would go to Betsy at the age of eighteen but in the meantime she would live with her fathers best friend and godfather Sergei Volcatov, a former Russian circus clown and current ring leader of Barnum Circus.

Volcatov proved a positive influence on BT and the rest of the performers became her surrogate family. In the intervening years she worked(and mastered) nearly every aspect of circus performing: juggling, animal training, tight rope walking, trapeze artistry, and even being a clown. But the part she excelled at was working as  a barker as she displayed a gift for drawing people in and getting them to believe anything she said, a skill she would use to great effect later on.

Upon her eighteenth birthday BT was prepared to accept her majority shares of the circus, however when she went to the circus corporate headquarters she was informed by the board of directors she would be receiving nothing. Apparently they had  exploited a legal loophole that completely cut BT out. Details are sketchy of this meeting but apparently after BT received some rather sexist comments from the board members BT calmly stood up looked around the room and proclaimed “In one years time I will be the only one left working here” and left.

Within a year the entire board of directors were either locked up, homeless, are attacked by rabid ferrets.

Its believed that during the year long “revenge world tour” BT was recruited by A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A, an organization her great great grandfather helped create.  

Present Day: After reclaiming ownership over the circus BT left Volcatov in charge while she began her new life as a jet setting heiress accompanied by her assistant Harry and Driver Rodrigo. However we believe that this is just a cover for her real job as an agent of A.B.R.A.C.A.D.A.B.R.A. She has been sighted, if not implicitly linked, near several dozen scenes of mass devastation. Whether she was the cause of this destruction or kept it from getting worse has yet to be uncovered. 

Psych Evaluation: BT Barnum has shown signs of survivors guilt most likely associated with the death of her parents, However she uses this guilt to fuel her endless desire to better herself which is why she is able to master multiple disciplines in relatively short amounts of time. This guilt does not seem to ruin her disposition however as she has been reported to be incredibly charismatic which she uses to great effect in business dealings. However she has also exhibited a sadistic streak when crossed, for this reason no allegations should be lobbied against her or at best we risk a a lawsuit. at worst we everyone investigating her will be ruined. 

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