#3 Claudius Khrietz

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Claudius Khrietz, royal storyteller.

Working as the storyteller/tutor/advisor  of the fey king, he knows practically every play, poem, novel and tome by heart and quotes from them often. After the hundreds  of years working in the palace, he has found that he is startinfg to become un-interested in books and fails to see originality or spark in any work. Hoping that it will cure him of his lack of interest, he visists the human realm and hopes it will bring him inspiration to recite stories once again.

—-woo! Day 3! I had to kinda rush on this one because of studying, chores and what-not. I really, really like this character. He’s that detached/stoic kind of guy who makes snide comments but is really passionate about what he does. This definetly won’t be the last time I draw him.

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