3 Duke Snookie

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Duke Snookie
Snookie is the insane first cousin of the King. He was crowned Duke of the Outer Lands. This accomplished two things, one: keeping the lands surrounding the kingdom from other would-be-monarchs…and two getting Snookie as far away from the king as possible, while keeping him under some bit of control.

Duke Snookie settled quickly into Precarious Keep started barking orders. First he passed a ban on any and all Cheese products (he wants all the cheese for himself.) Then he made it illegal to sell Pez dispensers during the week (he would also love to own all the Pez dispensers in the kingdom.) And then he forbid fishing while sitting on a giraffe’s neck (He doesn’t own a giraffe.)

Claf and Steve seem to always get in the Duke’s way…and they kinda like it that way.

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