#3: Entropy

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Name: Charles Feron

Aliases: Charlie, Angel, Safety Net, Entropy

Height: 5’11

Weight: 137 lb

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Biography Charles was born in the Bronx to a lower middle class family of Italian descent in1981. When he was 23, he graduated from Berkeley as an engineering major. Shortly after his graduation, the rift opened in 2004.

Charles was extremely close to the rift when it opened. Unverified reports claim he was, in fact, the closest person to escape being sucked to the other side.

Three months later, Charles’ powers manifested.

Powers: None, in his normal state. Charles is an unaltered human with the capability to switch himself with a parallel version of himself, a being calling itself Entropy.

Entropy’s Powers: Decay: Entropy can rapidly age anything he touches. Organic life quickly shrivels and dies, metals rust, woods splinter, and paper disintegrates at his touch.

More resilient materials, such as plastics or glass, can resist these powers for a length of time.

Enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes as well.

[The following was written by Agent Thomas from the Bureau of Extradimensional Affairs.]

“Entropy is a high level criminal on the other side.  He’s not like Carson Douglas over here, the entire country is in an out-and-out war, with Entropy fighting the government themselves. There’s 70 million dollars on his head, but good luck claiming it.

Anyways, our intel suggests Charlie doesn’t so much become Entropy as switch places with him temporarily. The world’s worst criminal and some kid from the Bronx switch places in their respective dimensions, and we’ve been trying to coordinate some sort of trap, so we can switch out Entropy for Charlie at a critical moment.

Of course, if that happens, then it’s our universe that’s stuck with the nigh-invincible supercriminal…”

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Young writer, aspiring novelist. Rather persistent about not growing up. I've been crafting characters in my head for a while now, and so it's about time to get these cowboys, superheroes, and aliens onto paper.

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  1. Interesting power. I think it’s really cool how he has to actually switch personas to be able to use his ability.

    • The idea for the character, which is hard to convey through the report, is Charlie doesn’t like being Entropy, and vice versa. Entropy is unwilling to give back his body to Charlie once whatever Charlie needed him for is over and done with, and Charlie dislikes the destructive and chaotic impulses of Entropy.

  2. I like the idea too, but I wonder, how do Charlie and Entropy even know that their counterparts exist, if they have to switch bodies/universes? I’m guessing Entropy still exists in some form in Charlie’s mind while he goes about his business, but personally I’d want to know what’s on the other side of that rift and how Charlie would handle himself over there when he and Entropy switch!

    • Entropy is another version of Charlie from a parallel universe. Charlie’s power is he can make them briefly switch places. They also have a minor form of telepathy, so Charlie can bring Entropy up to speed as to why he summoned him.

      I also had the idea that, whenever Charlie has to summon Entropy, we follow Charlie’s adventure in Entropy’s universe. And since Entropy is the leader of a gang of supervillains…

  3. Maybe I’ll add a paragraph about this to the blurb, to make things clearer to those who don’t read the comments.

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