#3 – Jonathan

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15 year old Jonathan is the first human that Sierra and Enki meet who can actually see them and travel into the Dreamsphere with them. He aids them in their dream hunting. An all around nerd, Jonathan is picked on at school for a variety of reasons. He’s quiet, introverted and has a problem with talking back to people. He can actually get quite an attitude, but people would never know due to his shy exterior unless they pick a fight with him.

Jonathan is obsessed with tabletop gaming, especially D&D…but he has no one to play with. So he brings his Player’s Handbook with him everyday to school and reads it cover to cover everyday. He knows the game inside and out, but this odd habit has also subjected him to bullying and other nasty things the students can come up with.

Jonathan discovers upon bringing his beloved Player’s Handbook into the Dreamsphere that he can summon any thing from the book, whether it be a monster, hero, weapon or item, and it’ll appear before him.

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