#3 – Jundir

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This looks better in my head.

Jundir is a boy who is of the Vas’alim people – a nomadic tribe that wanders an arid region of their world. They’ve wandered for generations, and good deal of their culture and their lifestyle revolves around the needs that arise when you live in a place where water is difficult to find. One of the most prestigious positions in this culture, then, are the Water Hunters.

The Water Hunters are young men who seek out sources of water near their encampment, and look for new sites for the clan to move to in the future. If they come back with a good supply of water, which they carry in waxed leather bags, there is a celebration in the camp.

There is nothing Jundir wants more than to be a Water Hunter when he comes of age. Unfortunately, he lost a leg to a bite from a Rock Snake five years ago. With only the one leg, he has no chance of doing any of the jobs that a man is supposed to do, and this has left him bitter and angry at a young age.

His grandfather is a Rainsinger, a kind of spiritual man who dances and sings to bring the infrequent rains to the camps. He sees the pain the boy is going through, but his attempts to try and help Jundir reconcile himself with his condition are futile, or very nearly so.

Read his story here: Rainsinger

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